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What is Career Confidence Coaching?

Career Confidence Coaching

Career Confidence Coaching is basically a ‘conversation’ between us that is supported by exercises and strategies to enable you to grow your capabilities and confidence.

As your coach, I see my role as supporter, thought interrupter, mentor and accountability buddy.

As a result, you’ll achieve mindset changes that progress your career and build your visibility whilst feeling valued and recognised.


  • I work with senior career women who have achieved some career success but:
  • Are frustrated at a lack of recognition and seeing others promoted above them
  • Have self-doubts that they might not be good enough or that others may judge them as not good enough
  • Know they need to have greater visibility but feel uncomfortable self-promoting
  • Worry about how they compare to others and what senior stakeholders think of them
  • Have very high expectations of themselves and fear they might fail which means they may put off starting
  • Feel the need to keep proving themselves in their workplace culture 
  • If you’re committed to change and prepared to work at it then I’d love to share a journey of discovery with you.


  • Pay rises and promotions
  • An unshakeable self-belief
  • Being recognised for their potential as well as their delivery
  • Having the confidence to speak up however intimidating the situation
  • Able to authentically market themselves and their personal brand
  • Not held back by worrying what others or comparing themselves
  • Have the skills to communicate assertively and influence others
  • Have work/life balance and able to switch off at home


I’m very results-focused, which means when you work with me, we agree measurable goals and work to achieve them through a structured programme.

The programme is tailored to your specific needs and follows my 4- step process including practical strategies to apply to your day to day job. Rather, than booking a few sessions and getting mediocre results, my programmes enable you to get amazing and sustainable results.


Whether you’re looking for a quick start confidence boost or a longer-term sustainable change I have a programme for you.

12-Week Career Transformation Programme

This is my most popular programme and involves working through 4 tailored to you modules around, confidence, self-worth, communication and visibility. We’ll also apply your mindset changes and new practical strategies to your work in ‘on the job’ coaching. This ensures that the shifts you make aren’t just in theory but become part of your habitual behaviours.

The programme consists of:

  • A half day face to face (or virtual) initial session
  • 12 one hour weekly calls
  • 3 monthly group calls involving training and Q and As
  • Exercises and written content to back up discussions
  • Priority contact to Jo for the programme duration

If you want a transformational change in your confidence, recognition at work and career progression then this is the programme for you.

Book a free Career Breakthrough Call me and I’ll share with you a personal plan to move forward.

1-month Career Breakthrough Programme

If you are looking for a rapid solution to a career challenge such as procrastination, interview skills, assertiveness or speaking up. Then my 1 month programme will give you that confidence boost.

The programme consists of:

  • A 2 hour initial face to face or virtual session
  • 3  x 1 hour weekly calls
  • 1 group call involving training and Q and As
  • Exercises and written content to back up discussions
  • Priority contact to Jo for the programme duration

To find out more book your free Career Breakthrough Call

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We all have moments in our career where we worry about failing or being judged as not good enough. Whatever your challenges are I’m here to help you to develop the mindset and skills so you can achieve career success.