The 4 Step Plan To Get More Impact And Recognition At Work – Without Being Seen As Bossy Or Pushy

Jo Painter

My love of coaching women comes from 17 years of experience coaching people in a major corporate company as a pharmacist, in management and through senior leadership roles.

Having taken a career break to have 2 wonderful children and to overcome a particularly aggressive cancer, I found that both my confidence and sense of identity had taken a knock. I was able to use my coaching skills to successfully rebuild my confidence and it was then I had my light bulb moment. I realised this was a fantastic opportunity to combine my passion for coaching with my corporate experiences, to support other women to achieve their career dreams.

Over the last 12 years, I have researched, studied and worked with hundreds of professional women. As a leading international career confidence coach for women and an expert in the field of women’s career success, I also have appeared on Sky News, radio, worked with PR agencies, appeared regularly in the media and I’m a sought-after keynote speaker with companies such as Amazon, Ford and Lloyds Bank. 

I find it a real pleasure and privilege to witness the transformation that my clients go through and the changes they achieve in their mindset and careers as a result. My coaching style is warm, perceptive and supportive but yet challenging. If you’re willing to invest in yourself and are committed to change then Career Confidence Coaching is for you!

Jo Painter New Book

"Good Enough"

In today’s workplace culture it’s no longer enough to work hard and deliver well. To get the career you dream of requires you to demonstrate not just competence but also confidence, courage and credibility.

To improve your chances of career success and fulfilment you need to get comfortable with being visible in your organisation and industry. As well as sharing successes, stepping up to take on new responsibilities and getting your voice heard. 

Have you had some career success but struggle with self-doubts? Are you frustrated with your career progress or want to have a greater impact and credibility at work?

If so, this is an essential guide for you.

Good enough book - coach

Jo Painter in the media

Jo Painter of Career Confidence Coaching for Women appears on Sky News

Jo Painter on experts panel at the press launch of the report “Why Diets Fail.”

Confidence coach for women

I was invited to be on the expert panel for the press launch of a report about ‘Why Diets Fail’ sponsored by XLS Medical.
Having read the report there were some really interesting facts about diets:
72% of us have tried a diet this year and a third have tried two or more
Of those almost half feel it’s failed in the first month
34% of dieters claim to have failed every diet they’ve tried, as they’ve put weight back on
Less than a quarter of dieters actually achieve their weight loss goals

'Good Enough - A Career Woman's Guide To Confidence, Courage and Credibility' is now available