3 Ways To Be Visible In Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings

Working from home continues to be the new norm, but it brings with it some new challenges. Such as; being lost in a small window on the screen, interjecting without body language cues and keeping your energy in a succession of meetings.

I talk to all my clients about the importance of being visible and having a visibility mindset in achieving career progression. It’s no longer enough to work really hard and deliver well, you have to be in people’s mind for your future potential to be recognised.

So, in this new world how can you increase your visibility?

  1. Keep Your Video On –

Research has shown that keeping your video on creates more of a real meeting atmosphere. With your video on, people can see your presence, watch your reactions and remember you as a visible member in all virtual meetings.

Make sure the lighting in the room is in front of you and that the camera angle means you’re looking straight into the camera lens at eye level.

2. Speak Up Clearly and Concisely –

Facilitating the meeting is a great way of ensuring your voice is heard, as long as you also add in your own opinions.

If you find it difficult to interrupt others practise your interjections. Put up your hand real or virtual, use the facilitator’s name and then speak. For example, “That’s a great point Jo and I’d like to add to it …” or “In my experience Jo I’ve found that…”

Make sure what you say is clearly articulated and that you don’t ramble. There’s nothing worse than the Zoom bore who says in 500 words what could have been said in 10.

To help with this think of your contribution in terms of a headline followed by 3 or 4 bullet points. That ensures it’s concise and participants can ask for more detail if they want it.

3. Build rapport with the Triangle Technique for virtual meetings –

When you speak in an online meeting there’s a tendency to look at your own image wherever it is on the screen. That can result in you not making eye contact with the other members of the meeting.

If you stare at the camera constantly, it will come across as unnatural. Instead, use the Triangle Technique where you move your eyesight every 5 or 10 seconds from the camera lens to your image and then to another participant.

This will give the impression of normal eye movement and is inclusive to all the meeting members.

If you’re struggling to build your visibility at work and are frustrated at not getting the recognition and progression you deserve then I suggest you watch my free webinar.

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