Does Working From Home Work For You? Make It Work For Your Boss Too.

As someone who permanently works from home, I know the many benefits it gives me. The comfortable environment, the lack of commute and the flexibility around my teenagers.

If you’ve been forced to work from home during this pandemic and really enjoyed the experience. Would you like to reshape how you work in the future?

Many of my clients are enjoying the time and money-saving advantages of working remotely. Whereas others really miss the face to face connection of the office. If you’d like to continue working in a virtual office then it’s worth preparing your case to discuss with your manager sooner rather than later.

Here are 5 ideas to consider before you start to negotiate:

  1. Take advantage of the trial period – you’ve already had a trial period through this enforced lockdown. That means you’ve already got the evidence and the data to back up your productivity and what you’ve delivered. Collate and present that evidence in a persuasive way. Even if you’ve had a stressful time with young children or other responsibilities, highlight what you’ve achieved despite that.
  2. Prepare ‘lockdown successes’ document – use this to highlight other less quantifiable wins. Such as;
    1. Did you successfully transition a process to a totally virtual environment?
    2. Have you had positive feedback from colleagues, managers, leaders, and clients during this time?
    1. How did you support your team?
    2. Did you remain responsive and visible during this difficult period?
  3. Be realistic about your role post lockdown – are there any parts of your role that you genuinely can’t deliver working from home? Are the conditions at home really compatible with permanent remote work? How are your internet speed and your phone service?
  4. Think of the benefits to the company and your manager – whenever you are trying to influence another person you need to consider ‘what’s in it for them?’ What advantage can you offer your boss for you working from home? Would you be able to make earlier meetings or reduce the lead time on reports?
  5. Be prepared to compromise – when you negotiate a change in work arrangements be prepared with other options you would accept. For example, a combination of home and office or a further trial period.

There’s never been a better time to suggest flexible working so, take action now to ensure you’re well prepared for the discussion.

If you’d like to discuss the next steps in your career post lockdown then do contact me here or book a call in on my online calendar at