Why Setting Career Goals For 2021 Won’t Work

Setting yourself career goals for 2021 isn’t going to 
help you get that promotion or feel recognised at work.
If you plan to work harder and longer hours
then you’re just going to be burnt out and unhappy
If you think studying for another qualification will
get your boss to see you as an expert and promote you.
Then that’s not going to happen.
It might seem unfair…
But in today’s workplace culture working hard and 
delivering well isn’t enough.
The problem is…
You don’t have a visibility mindset and your potential
isn’t being seen
If you aren’t visible and your senior stakeholders don’t 
know about your achievements.
You’ll be seen as a safe pair of hands and nothing more.
So, setting yourself a goal of more pay or another 
step-up the career ladder in 2021 won’t work unless you have
a Visibility Strategy.
I know how frustrating this can be when you work really
hard and deliver to high standards, 
and you still see others who are less competent get
the recognition or promotion you deserve.
But perhaps sharing your successes feels uncomfortable and
you don’t want to be thought of as a bragger?
I get that, but if you don’t self-promote,
you’ll become resentful
at seeing others who are less competent get
the recognition or promotion you deserve.
I know how frustrating this can be,
because that happened to me many times.
I could genuinely not understand why other people 
got new opportunities when they were not up to it or 
hadn’t delivered well in previous roles. I ended up feeling 
demotivated and negative about my career, blaming
others for my colleague’s successes.
BUT, the harder I worked, the less visible I became. 
I spent my time behind my desk and not out building 
relationships or being ‘seen’.
I worried that I would be judged as pushy or ‘full of myself’.
Or that I wasn’t good enough so I shouldn’t self-promote.
So I get it!
The reality is I talk to hundreds of women who don’t
see being visible as part of their job. But, 
they are the ones who get stuck and feel like
their career is failing.
The Good News is…
There is a way to build relationships internally and externally,
and to tell people about your achievements that feels 
authentic and not braggy.
You can make it part of your day to day work, without
losing hours of precious time.
Then senior people and colleagues will recognise
your future potential and WANT to hear more about 
what you are doing.
So, if you’re ready to be ‘seen’ for your abilities
and achievements in 2021. To share them in a genuine way. 
Then click the link below and book a call and
we can start to build a strategy to boost your visibility.
I can’t wait to get started!
P.S. Worrying what others think doesn’t have to hold you back.
You are awesome so let it shine.
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