Why You Don’t Need To Be The Expert

What’s your knowledge level like at work?
Are you highly qualified and known to be the expert or
do you feel like you’re on a learning curve?
We learn at school how important it is to know
as much about a subject as possible. To get high
grades and lots of qualifications.
In the workplace though knowing everything isn’t always
realistic or even necessary. 
If you like the reassurance of being the expert, it will
feel really uncomfortable if you’re not sure that your answer
or idea is 100% right.
You’ll be scared of other people’s judgement and of being
wrong. That means you will hold yourself back from speaking
up in case you’re thought of as ‘stupid’, which will really
frustrate you.
The self-doubts come in and you start to question
yourself, even more, which others will pick up on.
To feel confident then you push yourself to study and
learn more and to get more qualifications. 
But all of this backfires because…
You spend so much time checking you’ve got your decisions
right that you’re stressed and you don’t have time to
focus on building relationships and being visible in your


if you become the expert or specialist in your area, your
boss may think you’re irreplaceable and want to keep
you in your niche. 
I remember working with a client, Hannah in financial services.
She struggled with wanting to be the expert and to always get it 
As a result, she spent hours studying new legislation, getting
extra qualifications to build her confidence and never feeling
really good enough.
She wanted to progress but was being overlooked when it
came to new opportunities. She saw less qualified and less
knowledgeable colleagues promoted above her,
which further knocked her confidence.
This vicious cycle continued until the stress was making
her anxious and she was signed off sick. 
That was when I started working with Hannah and helped
her to get past the need to be the expert and be confident
in who she was.
If you want to drop your need to be the expert and instead
be visible, build relationships and share your successes.  
Then my 4-Step plan can get you there before it’s too late
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